A quickscan that compares the development aspects in metropolitan areas.


Since 19oo until now, the world population multiplied by four and the percentage of people living in the city grew from 13 until more than 5o percent.

This is the century of cities!

Can we still use the word ‘city’? Because of the process of urbanisation, where cities fuse together more and more and form an urbanised region, new notions on the concept of the ‘city’ originate: World Cities (Patrick Geddes, 1915), Megalopolis (Lewis Mumford, 1938), Global Cities (Saskia Sassen, 1991),.... Together with these notions, new hierarchies on cities unfold, based on different development aspects of the metropolis.

A first quickscan of these new notions and hierarchies teach us that spatial, social-cultural, economical, political and technical-scientifical developments seem to influence the growth of the metropolis.

But what makes a big city a metropolis? Its sublime location, its metro system, its inspiring history, its concentration of headquarters, its multicultural population or its exciting nightlife? Defining the Metropolis is a quickscan which investigates the development of the metropolis. By examining and comparing several aspects of metropolitan development (politcs, economy, science, infrastructure and culture) - at an international, regional and local scale - Association Deltametropolis acquires more insight into the possible further development of the Randstad Holand.



the correlation between the growing phase of the urban agglomeration and the presence of global top facilities


More thought given to the further development of the Randstad Holland - an urbanised area of 8 million inhabitants - from the angle of what appeals to people in a metropolis is needed. The population growth of the Randstad Holland is expected to occur by immigration and migration of youngsters out of the periphery into the cities. For these groups employment, education, acquaintances and kindred spirits are the main reasons for staying. If the Randstad Holland is to compete with other urban agglomerations employment, housing and facilities must be of top reputation.


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 Deltametropolis Association, 2o1o, Randstad Holland, The Netherlands