A historic and spatial research, which makes the components behind the urban dynamic of Rotterdam comprehensible.


TimeLine Rotterdam is an overview of the economical, political, social, cultural and spatial development of Rotterdam between 19oo and 2oo6. The parallel scheme illustrates the connection between the different disciplines and clarifies the complex spatial developments of Rotterdam.




TimeLine can be read in 2 ways. There is a clear horizontal action/reaction wave. The economical, political, social and cultural evolution influences the urban thinking and the resulting spatial development of the city.

Reading the TimeLine vertical, shows the different economical, political, social and cultural time layers there have been in a specific area and how these have influenced the urban development of the specific area.


10rotterdam 192445

Developments Rotterdam 1924-45


The insights originated in TimeLine have been of big influence on the further urban research, design projects and strategic thinking of David Dooghe.


Kenniskring TransUrban, 2oo6, Rotterdam, The Netherlands