How to combine production and urban development? A vision, framework and development strategy for 'The Innovative City Port', an area located at Antwerp North, where the city and the port area of Antwerp meet.


The second phase of the project Het Eilandje and Steenborgerweert together form a transition area between the city and the port. The economic activity in this area has a good base for the future urban development to an Innovative City Port.

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The vision and the role of the area shall be weighed on one hand from her spatial and functional context between city, port and along the Albert Canal Economic Network. On the other hand, this vision will be compared in an international benchmarking and will be tested against the market logic of the current and potential users in the area and growing economic trends.



In addition, the framework must give an indication of the future structure and plan direction. However,  this frame must provide sufficient flexibility. This strategic framework shall be the basis to decide upon questions related to the current and future concessionaries and tenants or owners at the short and medium term.


Development strategy

A viable development strategy with recommendations and instruments will be formulated. By the use of several scenarios, the strategy is adaptive towards the diversity of the area to be studied.


For this project David Dooghe works together with 1010 Architecture Urbanism (project leader) and Drift.  

AG Vespa, 2017, Antwerp