A program strategy for the Buikslotermeerplein, created in cooperation with twenty local stakeholders via a co-creation process.


Buikslotermeerplein (known by the locals as the Large Square), is the largest shopping centre of Amsterdam North and several infrastructural or urban developments are or will take place in the area in the coming years.

The new subway line going to Amsterdam South will soon open. Furthermore, several urban plans have been made for the shopping centre. However, none of these urban plans have lead to new developments. As a result, the area is in an in-between-state and, due to a lack of investments or high maintenance, is slowly deteriorating.

By means of four co-creation sessions, a core group of twenty stakeholders (local inhabitants, entrepreneurs and municipality) formulated the outlines for a program strategy for the area. Each stakeholder involved paid to be at the table and thus shared a responsibility. To mirror the results of this core group, there were series of brainstorming sessions with innovative experts and a public ideas festival in which the team collected the ideas of users of the area.


WEB programmastrategie buikslotermeerplein

Drawing State of FLux


In a program strategy, (temporary) programming of the public space is used in a strategic way in order to enhance the residence quality of the public space and attract users to the area. The goal for the Buikslotermeerplein is to increase the potential of the area by pulling the short term at a higher level. The strategy focuses on the marketplace in front of the shopping centre and the route from the subway to the shopping centre. Furthermore, there is a connection with the neighbourhoods De Kleine Wereld and Plan van Gool.

One of the basic principles of the program strategy is: what can be done, or tested, today, which will help to improve the long-term development of the area?


For this project David Dooghe was an advisor for State of Flux.


State of FLux, 2o15-2o16, Amsterdam, The Netherlands