A design for a house in one of the forests of Ursel.


The owner decided to live at this location because of the serenity of the place and the great environment, perfect for outdoor activities with friends. At the plot there is an old vacation house and a newly built garage. The garage has to be kept. The house should be renewed. In the area there are strict regulations on the maximum surface that can be built.




The newly designed house makes a clear difference between the private areas and the more public areas. The private area is introvert with specific sights to the surrounding. The public area is orientated on the sun, the roof is a slope allowing sunlight to get in the house, even in winter. In summer the sunlight, filtered by the leaves of the trees, creates a dynamic pattern on the white walls.  The high ceiling creates space in the, in surface restricted, house.




The floor is made of plywood, the designed furniture is a combination of plywood and film faced plywood.


05slaapgedeelte     05woonkamer2


Felix Dooghe, 2oo5, Ursel, Belgium