A regional design project that creates a new structure for the further development of the Neckar area between Altbach and Wernau, Germany


The area around the Neckar between Altbach and Wernau is a mix of industrial sites, some green areas and infrastructure mainly in the valley, villages mainly on the hills and agriculture above the villages. The accessibility and use of the river is under pressure by the domination of the industrial sites and infrastructure in the valley.


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The project starts with looking beyond the riverside, what is structuring the area? Two layers define the area. One is the landscape and agriculture, the other the industry, infrastructure and housing. Now the two are divided. In the project we introduced a new intermediary layer, with specific functions that connect the two layers. The functions are specific for the site they are used in.

Three areas are worked out; Deizisau im Wald, the expansion of the village in a forest structure, Labpark Altbach, a new sustainable business area and Quapark-Insel, a common cultural area at the riverside for the villages surrounding the river. The routes between the different villages pass this space.




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Morpho-Logic is a co-operation between Wolbert van Dijk, Stefan La Grand and David Dooghe.


2oo5, Stuttgart, Germany