A 24 hours performance in the exhibition space, researching the correlation between body and space.


By residing 24 hours in the exhibition space In Vitro of the Academy of Fine Arts at Eeklo, Belgium, an empirical research was done on how the human body relates to a new space. How does the feeling of connection develop, the feeling of trust between body and space?

The exhibition space In Vitro is surrounded by glass walls and has a direct contact with the street. The residing was exposed to passers-by for 24 hours. The glass windows were used as a board for thoughts and experiences within these 24 hours. The more got written on the glass, the less transparent the glass walls became. Slowly the resident defined the space.

After the 24 hours the residence space became an exhibition space again and visitors could reconstruct the 24 hours by reading the thoughts and experiences on the glass walls and seeing the tracks the resident of 24 hours left.



Concept and performance David Dooghe