In order to connect the research of ownership to practice, Kristiaan Borret, the City Architect of Antwerp, was interviewed. What is the relation between ownership and urban development in Antwerp?


Due to the large private ownership in Flanders (70%) large-scale redevelopments in existing housing areas are out of the question. As a result, the Flemish cities have to use specific strategies to develop their districts by activating the private sector to invest in their city. At the scale of the city, the city as an attractive place to live in has to be promoted. At the scale of the district, the city can invest in specific public services or, in the case of Antwerp, (re)develop some houses or plots (AG VESPA). At the scale of the neighbourhood, creating attractive public spaces is key. Next to spatial interventions, also policies or subsidies can support owners in the redevelopment of their propriety. However, most of these policies of subsidies are at the scale of Flanders and only have a little effect in the cities.  
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 creating attractive public spaces is key