The Ruhrgebiet is a mixed area with different functions like gigantic factories, large-scale infrastructure, village-like living enclaves and agriculture situated next to each other. The last decades a new spatial layer is growing in this area: the void.


During the excursion Urban Dingsbums, Exploring the Heritage of Fragmented Landscapes, organised by LEGENDA – Gesellschaft für explorative Landeskunde e.V, two things were notable:

- The co-existence of these fragmented landscapes result in fascinating and dynamic views. In one 360 degree panorama many different atmospheres of the area are captured.

- Decayed buildings in the urban area get demolished and the area is made public without making it a public space. These voids create an openness without becoming an emptiness. They support the specific visual characteristics of the fragmented landscape.


Ruhrgebiet landschap industrie coulissen park moutainbike bmx hellingen 01

Ruhrgebiet leegte afbraak doorsnede bouwblok begrenzing 01