For centuries, the size of a city has been defined by the food production of her surrounding countryside.  A century ago, technology started to create new possibilities for faster transport and slower food decay, allowing cities to grow, mostly at the disadvantage of the surrounding countryside.


The last decades there is a growing green awareness in the western world, aiming to bring city and nature more even. From that urban gardening, the use of available soil and containers by citizens to grow plants in an urban environment, grows popular.

Urban gardening knows a wide range of scales, users and purposes. An overview:



Urban gardening as a part of the city’s park & recreation, Brooklyn



Urban gardening as a part of the street, Brookyn



Urban gardening as a neighbourhood project, Rotterdam



Urban gardening for own use, Rotterdam



Urban gardening as a statement,  Brooklyn



Urban gardening as an educational tool, Brooklyn



Urban gardening as an art project, Torun.