A design for an urban apartment in cultural centre of Rotterdam.

Organising and leading a co-creation process between the youngsters of Rotterdam and different stakeholders in the city to accomplish projects concerning the creation of Rotterdam as a Vibrant City. 

An urban strategy on the symbiotic collaboration between festivals and urban development, creating a strong identity for both.

An urban design project on the symbiotic collaboration between the community, connected by the Summer Carnival, and the district Afrikaanderwijk creating a strong identity for both.

An IBA prize-winning urban design and architecture project for new living environments in the shrinking city of Merseburg.

A design for a house in one of the forests of Ursel.

A city experience exhibition in what might be the smallest gallery in the world.

Curating the sound gallery of the Schouwburgplein that reflects the cultural live of the city of Rotterdam.

An urban design project about the symbiotic collaboration of the different Rotterdam festivals and city centre of Rotterdam, creating a strong identity for both.

A historic and spatial research, which makes the components behind the urban dynamic of Rotterdam comprehensible.

A regional design project that creates a new structure for the further development of the Neckar area between Altbach and Wernau, Germany