A design for the redevelopment of the Square Wim Saerens in Deurne, Antwerp.


In co-operation with some inhabitants surrounding the square, a plan was made as an alternative for the plan suggested by the municipality.

The alternative plan has as many parking spots as the suggested plan, but leaves more space for a central, open green field. In the field several activities suggested by the inhabitants can take place, like: boules, playing, music festivals or carnivals.


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The current tram tracks, which are only used for calamities, are embedded in the green field, making them less dominant.

The parking spots are concentrated near the main shops and the church that surrounds the square. Trees and hedges surrender them, making them less dominant from the surrounding levelled houses. These parking spaces also have the perfect surface for the weekly market or small-scale sport events.


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2o12, Antwerp, Belgium