A research on the potential of Park&Ride buildings as new city gates of Antwerp.


With the redevelopment of the waterfront of Antwerp, a large amount of the parking space for visitors to the city will disappear. This was the trigger for the city to rethink their P&R locations at the city boundary. For this research two locations were appointed as case study: P&R Linkeroever (West) and P&R Havana (North).



These locations are near the city, the harbour of Antwerp and the landscape surrounding Antwerp and are therefore interesting points of exchange, like the old city gates in Medieval times. Next to the parking space, a multifunctional entrance hall is added. On the first floor, there are short stay amenities that are related to visitors to the city, the harbour or the landscape like information points and a small catering service. On the second floor there is a small motel and on the roof there is a panorama deck that creates a visual connection with the surrounding points of interest.


This submission for the idea competition of new typologies for Park&Ride location in Antwerp was done in cooperation with Merten Nefs and Pieter Heylen.


GA Parkeerbedrijf Antwerpen

, 2o12, Antwerp, Belgium