David Dooghe has taught at Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Sint-Lucas and the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst.

An overview:


Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst

- February - April 2o17

To be a player in the field of city development, a spatial strategist needs to understand the rules of the game. The design lab Project Rotterdam focuses on giving the students of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design a basic understanding of: “Who owns what?” “Who pays and what are each responsibilities, powers and ambitions?”

- May 2o16

The International workshop Reconstructing Urbanity, focused on the Eastern innercity of Rotterdam, called the Hoogkwartier. The group of students focussed on the Oostplein, once defined as “the square that doesn’t become a real square.” The group was subdivided and two alternatives for the square were explored, named: City Gate and The Square.

- July 2o12

Summerschool Microclimates_for regional diversity. Which living environments are desirable in the South Wing? The students worked intensively for two weeks on Microclimates, trying to describe or define them and testing this definition on two case study locations. The group discovered some recurring principles and by abstracting the design principles used on the different locations, a methodology exposed.


Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Sint-Lucas

- February - June 2o12.

Design studio Molenbeek Brussels. How will the growth of Brussels influence the future development of Molenbeek? The students made a strategy and a design for a strategic place in the area, influenced by a chosen political preference.

- February - June 2o11

Design studio Platform Kanal, together with Bruno van Langenhove and Tine van Herck. In the ‘zone d’intervention Prioritaire’ near the canal in the centre of Brussels the students made a strategy and a design for a strategic place in the area, influenced by a chosen political preference.

Masterproof design Tirana, together with Jiri Klokocka. The students worked on the city of Tirana, the capital of Albania, which has experienced radical changes at the turn of the millennium. The last decade more parks and squares have been built in Tirana, changing the “look” of Tirana from Communist to more European city.

- February - June 2o1o

Design studio Dendermonde, together with Livia de Bethune. For the project the students make a strategy for Dendermonde. The students work out this strategy by a design for a strategic place in the city.