Transformation as Inspiration, a series of dance theatre performances in the public space, inspired on the dynamic of the surrounding building plots.

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Choreography: David Dooghe | Dancers Dattah: Jan Misker, David Dooghe.


Parfum de Boem Boem 2oo9.

Parfum de Boem Boem is tour along building plots, combining information and artistic performances. PdBB exposes the beauty of demolishing and building.

The improvisation-based dance performance was held in front of the building plot of Vopak, which is situated next to the park of Rotterdam.

The building plot showed a building stripped to its structural essence. This created the strong image of a wood of concrete trees with an interesting perspective and depth between the trees.

The audience was placed in the park, looking up to the building. The dancers were placed in different layers between the audience and the building, creating more depth and playing with perspective. Some dancers where asked to come in contact with the audience and end behind the audience. The building being stripped to its structural essence was the base for the dance movement. The dancers moved from out of their bones and junctions.

The dancers improvised with the materials around the plot and played with the sound these materials made and created a rhythm for the dance. The sounds of the materials created a working atmosphere, this in contrast of the sounds of nature coming from the park.



Choreography: David Dooghe | Dancers Dattah: Anuska Oosterhuis, Maartje Schuurmans, Annemarie De Vries, Else Marijn Kruijswijk, Sandra Ketterings