Every workday between 19.oo and 21.oo, from the middle of August until middle of September 2o11, Soundpiece performed as a Soundgallery, exhibiting soundscapes of different sound artists. The artists were asked to create a soundscape in which Rotterdam is represented by different sound atmospheres.


IMG 1776

Inspired by the closeness of the sea, which plays an important role for Rotterdam, Ronald Rote made ‘the underwaterserie’, a combination of relaxed, lounge music and voice-overs of underwater documentaries.

Gerben Kokmeijer made a soundscape using field recordings of the sound the water makes near the Rotterdam riverbanks. These field recordings created the impression the Schouwburgplein was floating.

Zeno van den Broek made a soundscape existing of abstract tones, related to the materials of the square, and of field recordings of different locations in Rotterdam. The soundscape brought these locations auditory to the square.

The importance of Rotterdam as hub between the sea and the Ruhrgebiet was the inspiration of Falk Hübner. He made a soundscape, based on field recordings of Rotterdam and the Ruhrgebiet.

Georgios Papadakis is fascinated by the sounds the city and the harbour produce. His soundscape is a composition of these daily sounds, creating a familiar atmosphere by use of these daily sounds, but at the same time an alienated atmosphere, because of the visual absence of the elements to normally produce the sound.